Penny, from New Eltham in SE London, trained as a maths teacher but later travelled to Lima, Peru in 1985 to work as an Anglican Mission Partner with BCMS.

She met Juan Carlos, then an industrial engineer, and they married in 1990.

He was ordained in the Anglican Church in 1997. They have 3 children, Rebeca, Elizabeth and Jonatan, all in their early 20s.

Having worked for 12 years in a Church in one of the poorer areas on the outskirts of Lima, in 2010 they started to minister in the Cathedral Church of the Good Shepherd in a middle class area, both in the English and Spanish speaking congregations. Whilst there they introduced Alpha and the Marriage Course; Juan Carlos is in fact the Alpha link in Peru (all denominations).

Since September 2016, Juan Carlos has been in charge of a small Church in a less developed area – Jesus el Nazareno (JEN), where he is building up the music ministry and Bible study.

Penny, a lay minister, continues in the English speaking congregation of the Good Shepherd but will support Juan Carlos in the new year at JEN.

At Diocesan level, Juan Carlos is currently Vicar General, Bishop Jorge Luis Aguilar´s right-hand man and Penny serves on the committee of AMA, the women´s association.

They are supported directly by Holy Trinity Springfield.