Furnace is our youth group for those aged 14-18 (school years 10-13)

Sundays (in term time) from 7pm - 9pm.

Furnace usually meets at the Vicarage for their regular Sunday event. This usually involves food, games, time to chill, followed by a practical bible based teaching time with plenty of opportunities for questions and discussion. The group are used to having new people come and join them and they seek to be welcoming and inclusive. Our aim as leaders is to help and support each young person at this challenging stage of life as they seek to understand what the Bible has to say about Jesus himself and also what it means to live our lives with him as our King and saviour.

A couple of times a term we do something different. For example, we have had big screen film nights, pizza making, pancake flipping, pamper evenings for the girls, high ropes activity, bowling and joining up with other youth groups for special events.
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‘Being family’

Young people in the church family get involved in many different ways within the church’s life. Some play in one of our music groups or help out at our monthly Messy Church Service, others get involved with Ignite (our Sunday morning children’s work) and some take care of the projector or sound desk during services. Others help with refreshments after services. We are always looking for ways to use the gifts of each young person in the life of the church.
Want to know more? Contact Jo Roddy on 01245 359299